DTS. Sound Changes The Way We See. DTS is a true ingredient brand (like Intel). You can’t buy a DTS. But you can purchase the devices that DTS sound technology goes inside. But in order to sell DTS to consumers, you have to actually sell the power of sound first.

This campaign sets out to prove that sound can actually change the way we see. And all you have to do is LISTEN.


DTS “Anthem” Video. Here is the spot that launched DTS’s first ever consumer-facing ad campaign and powerful new tagline. 

For the full story, check out the below case-study video. 


DTS. "Sound Designing Our Lives."

DTS. Print/Posters. We produced over 40 print and poster variations that begged the question, how does sound change the way you interpret an image?

DTS :15 Digital Pre-rolls. These sound-less spots brought the print to life. Here's 1 of 15 produced. 

Consumer Electronics Show. We were given the awesome opportunity to bring our campaign to life at CES by designing a booth devoted to sound. Check out the below case-study video for the full story

CES Video. "The DTS Chip." Here's one of the videos we produced for the 34 foot wide HD screen at CES. 

Digital. Page-takeovers and banners directed folks over to a landing page where the proposed question could be answered by selecting the corresponding sound-design. 

Facebook Social Contest.  We challenged our loyal Facebook fans to write some of their own “Sound Changes The Way We See” headlines. I was blown away by the creativity of the thousands of submissions.  Check out the three winners below. 

Youtube Video Series. "Diego Stocco, Sound Magician." He's a foley artist, sound designer and all-around guru or sound. I named him the Sound Magician because of the beautiful sounds he can create from ordinary objects. Here's one of my favorites.