ZICO. Pure Premium Coconut Water. This is the story of a coconut that went from obscurity to fame in only two years. Check out the case study that shows how we built a healthy beverage brand from the ground up, worthy of eventual purchase by the beverage behemoth, Coca-Cola. 

Anthem Video. "Support Naturally Powered." Our tagline, Naturally Powered, is more than just an ad slogan, it's a mantra or philosophy that applies both to the brand and the people who choose to consume it. Our campaign supports those Naturally Powered people, whether they're ZICO athletes or everyday ones. 

OOH. Print. As a writer, I dream of huge outdoor and print budgets. ZICO provided me with lots of opportunities to simply write. Here's a sampling. 

Across from The Boston Garden during the playoffs. ZICO athlete Kevin Garnett.

Digital/Social. Team ZICO. Ignited orchestrated a nationwide search for Team ZICO, consisting of both professional and amateur athletes. The chosen 69 "Naturally Powered" athletes were featured on the ZICO site. 

Digital/Social. Search for a "Naturally Powered" Mom.  We held one space open on Team ZICO for a Mom that stands for all that ZICO represents. Meet Veronika, a killer Mom that never expected to be a sponsored athlete. 

Digital/Social Content Naturally Powered Stories. A video series featuring Kevin Garnett, Bethany Hamilton, our ZICO Mom and the rest of Team ZICO. 

Facebook Mantra Gallery.  In support of all athletes, we ran athletically targeted banners featuring inspirational words from our Team ZICO members. People could then submit their own mantras to be featured on the ZICO Facebook Mantra Gallery.